march 2009 | The Art Fund Pavilion competition, London | competition entry | professional renderings: architect MAGDA VIERIU
Semi-permanent summer pavilion, near The Lightbox
The design was chosen to be displayed in an exhibition at the Lightbox, part of 19 selected applications (out of 610 total entries).


THE HERRINGBONE BOX | In Woking, near the river and the Lightbox with its fish-scales like metal cladding, appears a new building, with ephemeral existence, to be set up from parts and enjoy a seasonal life: to create a semi-permanent space, then to be folded and stored, unfolded and set up again... repetition and paper-like folding, modularity: just like an origami piece: the herringbone pleating for instance, used to fold maps. the herringbone module runs through floor-walls-roof and, by addition, forms a box-like structure.


-flexibility: through its interior open space: exhibition, presentation and any kind of informal gathering

-modularity: structural wood panels and timber joists: one repeateable module, a sequence that creates an opened-closed space - using the herringbone module that runs through: roof -walls- floor;
-easy to assemble